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Meet Our Staff

  PASTOR:                                  Dr. Doug Allen

     As I look back at the path along which God has led us,my thoughts go to the words of 1 Corinthians 2:9: But as it is written: "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him." (NKJV) I've learned that following Jesus brings the greatest adventure of life and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Now God has brought us to this wonderful church family at First Baptist Church of Blanchard. We bring with us the experiences and blessings we've received while serving in other churches as we join with the staff and members of this church in ministry and service.

     As the shepherd of this body of believers I look forward to what God has planned for our church. I am thankful for, and humbled by, the blessings of serving Him. It truly is the greatest adventure!


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Assoc. Pastor/                    Minister of Education:           Dale Sauls

     As a poor country boy growing up in rural Mississippi, I never dreamed that God would one day allow me to be a minister. I accepted Jesus at the age of 10 and actively served in my church as a young adult—even to the point of being ordained as a deacon at the age of 19. However, it was not until I was 24 years of age that I sensed God calling me to resign a full-time job as an accounting supervisor, to go on to college and seminary and to eventually become a Minister of Education. Since then I've had the privilege of serving two wonderful churches, including FBC, Blanchard for the past 25 years.

     A part of my ministry is to encourage people to grow in their faith through involvement in Sunday School and discipleship groups and to use their gifts and talents in service to our Lord. Come join with us in the exciting journey that lies before us, and let me know if I can help you find your place of ministry and service or help you get connected with a small group.


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Minister of Worship:    Keith Sherrell

      Music has been a part of my life since childhood.  In 1996 I began serving as a bi-vocational music minister, never realizing God's plan for life.  Ten years later I left the secular workplace, surrendered to full-time ministry, and can truly say that you are never fully satisfied in life until you are doing exactly what God created you to do.

     I am truly blessed to be a part of this incredibly talented and spirit-filled music ministry. There should always be only one "audience" member when we gather for corporate worship.  That is our goal at First Baptist; to be participants in worshipping the One who, alone, is worthy of our praise.

     There are opportunities for every age and talent. If you've been given the gift of singing or playing an instrument we'd love to have you join us each week as we worship.




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Minister of Students:        Leanne Shephard

    Serving in childrens ministry has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. At age 18, God led me to help in Sunday school and the church nursery. As my faith in Him and dependence on Him grew, so did my call to minister to His children. He has allowed me to work in several ministries of our church and taught me that it is only in Him that I am anything. I am blessed to be a part of this wonderful church family and God led staff here at First Baptist-Blanchard.

     The mission of our Kids for Christ children's ministry is to help children to learn about Jesus and His saving grace, grow in their relationship with Him, and serve Him in both what they say and do. In Mark 10:14, Jesus said Let the little children come to Me. We would love to share this same Jesus with you and your family.

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Minister of Youth:              James Franklin


    As our culture becomes increasingly post-Christian, students face more drastic and unique challenges to their faith and values. Young Christian students are uniquely placed to impact an ever-increasing hostility to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord has shaped me with a particular interest in Apologetic ministry and seeing students of all ages embrace a faith that is both informed and reasonable. My passion is for students and young professionals to know Jesus and be able to explain not simply “what” they believe, but also “why.”

     My hope and prayer is that, through study of the person and work of Christ, every student becomes the missionary and worshipper God intends for them to be.  


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Equipping Pastor:           Sam Paris

     After 26 years serving as a missionary to Latin America with the International Mission Board along with my wife Lisa, the Lord has led us to return to the U.S. to serve as equipping pastor.  My vision is to make disciples who in turn make disciples.  We seek to better incorporate new members into the fellowship and to help the Church body seek a deeper walk with the Lord.

     Our hope is that every disciple will be fully equipped for the service that the Father is calling them to fulfill and therefore fulfilling the mission that God is calling us to do in Blanchard and around the world. 


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Minister of Outreach: Sharon Ford






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     Church Secretary:             Amy Robinson




Financial Secretary:          Renee Hall